Better, Faster, Cheaper

There are a lot of reasons for doing research, but they all boil down to the basics:

  • Make more money.
  • Make fewer mistakes (which take away from making more money).

DSC00519aEvery new product, new ad, new promotion, new sales office or branch location is an investment. They work if they generate more revenue than they cost.

You can find out the hard way, or you can use research to hedge your bet in your favor.

That works if you get the information when you need it and the cost of the information doesn’t affect your ROI.

That’s where Crain Associates fits.

  • Business planning
  • Brand positioning
  • Location analysis
  • Product features and pricing optimization
  • Sales channel optimization
  • Customer loyalty
  • Ad effectiveness (electronic and print)

We’re y0ur resource when you need bankable information now.


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